Php Form

Php Form
Hi. I need a duplicate of this site:

There are four pages, plus a confirmation page.

The confirmation page matches people up with lenders.

So… I need all leads sent to my email. I would like the form to be created with PHP, since I can get cheaper hosting. But, if you want to do it in ASP and you are not too expensive, I’ll take the ASP.

The only tricky part is that I also need a very basic “back end.”

I want to be able to click a button that says: Add a lender.

Then, I will choose one of fifty states from the dropdown menu.

I want to upload a logo or photograph.

I want to input lender name.

I want to input a short description.

That’s it. You can take everything from this example:

Don’t worry about copyrights, I will change all of the graphics. I just need somebody to write the code.

Thank you!

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