Python Client/server App Mod.

Python Client/server App Mod.
I require an EXPERT in Client/Server applications using Python. The basic outline of the GUI is already done. What is left is creating the Authentication with a PHP server and login. There are some other tasks too which deal with receiving data from the server and formatting it in a listbox. This will be a user-paid subscription service using a username and password for verification. If you have PHP skills, that is a plus. EXCELLENT Python skills in networking (urllib2 and urllib) are a must.

Please DO NOT RESPOND to this request IF you are not willing or can’t prioritize this task.
Please DO NOT RESPOND if you don’t respond to emails or Skype chat.

I require this project be completed relatively soon. Please, if you don’t have time…don’t apply.

Please include your hrlyrate. I will be sending source code and documentation to the providers most suited for a final quote. If you are proficient in Python for networking, this should take less than 8 hrs.

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