Flash Interactive Floor Plan

Flash Interactive Floor Plan
We are building a website for a new home development. They want to include interactive floor plans that act like those on this page: http://www.villagesofirvine.com/Villages-And-Residences/Woodbury-Floorplan.aspx?type=home&Id=179

This application allows people to add and move furniture, altering its direction, dimensions and colors; use a ruler to measure rooms; add carpets, lamps, plants, etc.; and choose options, when they’re available on particular floor plans. The application would also provide a text tool; and the ability to print the results of the customize floor plan. It would have zoom in/zoom out. In essence, all of the features that you find in the url above.

We would use this for some unknown number of floor plans, but probably from 9 – 12 floor plans initially.

Other aspects of the website environment will be developed using php and mysql. The application should run in virtually any browser or on any platform, since it is Flash.

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