Script Modifications

Script Modifications
I’m looking for someone who can do for me some script modification’s
it will be softbiz freelance script, i’m modyfiing it into odesk clone, already found someone who create for me software, site will be in other language so don’t worry about english ;P mine is bad too…
Here’s list what I need to be done:

– after log-in, can see his dashboard with jobs that he work for + and how much does he have on account + everything what script have.
– in licitations he can bid and change his prices / hour (of his work), while he will writing it will be shown in 2 columns, in first price that he provided , in second price that he provided minus admin commision. After he will be chosen to job he will get info on his mail. And after that he will be able to start his job using ‘software’
– He will be able to request payout to his bank account [and it will have been shown on admin panel]
– In bid’s delete “Delivery Time”
– Delete message board, and add into account’s e-mail’s and communicator
– Add to script: edit bid’s(amount), add account important announcement’s
– Add verifikation process similar to employer’s verification.
– more info needed in registration
– button to request scammers

– You have to add table in dashboard with actual information about freelancers that work for this employer and about they’re job. And button to request scammer.
– You have to add possibility to show information on job application, employer should choose , job , and freelancers that work for it , and should write up to 160 letters message (if any).
– add more information in employer registration.
– add possibility to deposit money on account and possibility to send this money to freelancers that will work for him. After 2 weeks he have to pay to all his workers (that were working those 2 weeks, otherwise information will be sent to admin, and admin will be able to add extra fee for not sending payment, suspend him or even delete) And for week since those 2 week’s he will see info that he have pay to his workers via my site (of course).
– When the account will be suspended, he will be notified about that on his dashboard and via e-mail.
– he have to have ability to suspend work (or freelancer) or even finish job (or job for one freelancer)

– he have to have access to all account’s and all info’s about work, adn edit, suspend or even delete them
– he have to have possibility to verify users and write verified info to his own database (and noone except admin can see it)
– he have to have possibility to suspend or finish job’s (whole jobs or just for one or two freelancer’s)
– setting commision in any of this ways:
* stable (for example $0.5 for every hour)
* percent of hour-rate
* both of them or any of them with downline or upline limit
– possibility to add/deduct money from any account.
– possibility to suspend users (and they’re job) or even delete them
– see information how much did I earn on my commision’s and possibility to clear this amount – make it 0.00 (if I just payout those money)
– possibility to show users (exact users from exat job , or only form exact job , or all users) important informations in their panel
– see information who and when requested payout also all payment history (between employers and users), information of requested scammers (employers/freelancesr)

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