Complex Order Processing Sys 2

Complex Order Processing Sys 2
I’m looking for an experienced website developer or a team of developers to design a complex quote and order processing system for our company in the promotional merchandise industry. I expect you to read the project description thoroughly, make sure you understand it. I am only looking for experienced programmers so please show me what you’ve done in the past in website design, php and javascript programming – if you don’t have a good portfolio to show, don’t bid.

What we do is sell printed promotional items like mugs, pens, etc. to companies. Companies ask us for quotes, samples, we get them from our suppliers, and provide this to our clients – there is usually a lot of chasing, negotiations, etc. involved so we need a system that will help us be on top of all this and give us alerts about when to call our clients. When order is placed we sometimes take payment in advance, sometimes not, and all this has to be accounted for in the software, then we need to establish layout of the artwork, print the items and send it to our clients. There is a lot of these issues and the software will have to make all these easier.

For an example of a software that is available on the market please see: Our system looks different but we use a lot of the features. You might also be inspired as to how to design our system when you see this. We’re looking for creative people that will be able to not only do what we tell but also offer a better solution if there is one.

We have already done around half of the project in php but it will need a few modifications/redesigning/simplifying so that it’s easier to use, faster and more responsive (this is why we’d like it to be done with javascript as well) – e.g. not having to restart the page to see changes that we’ve done – updates will have to be done in real time but data needs to be saved in our server databases. If you think that another language will be better for this project – please let me know and I might consider it. These are the areas that we’d like done for this project (areas done are marked with *):

1. *Password protection: we used Dreamweaver and it’s tool to password protect the pages
2. *Supplier Database: listing all suppliers, features to add, edit and delete – all has been done
3. *Client Database: listing all clients, features to add, edit and delete – all has been done
4. *Enquiries that have not been converted into orders yet: enquiries added manually or by a client submitted form; listing all enquiries, having multiple quotations for each enquiry; sending enquiries to client email address; listing, adding and editing user actions – this area will need a lot of modifications to be simpler to use, sending emails has issues that will have to be corrected, prompts will have to be set up for users to perform actions
5. Orders and Invoices: will have to be created from quotes; will need actions with prompts; editing functions; invoices will have to be sent by email to clients and printed as PDFs; our purchase orders will have to be created from these orders and emailed to our suppliers; then there should be an area where we can put in our purchase invoices from suppliers and compare then against our orders with them; then there has to be an area where we can see what we bought and sold and how much profits/losses we made
6. Products: listing all products and searching for them: most of the code can be taken from our main website; few modifications will have to be made

You will work with me through Skype on the whole project (you will only be dealing with one person). You have to be ok with this. I will not be paying anything extra on top of what you bid now so bid carefully – if you have questions that might change your price – ask now.

Payment will be made using SL Escrow. We don’t do PayPal or any other transfers. If you’re not ok with this, don’t bid.

Once this project is complete we’re planning to add additional features. If we’re happy with your work, we’ll also give you this job to do. It will involve things like: email system where all correspondence will be stored with each client; diary/calendar – working with actions from enquiries and orders; email marketing system for sending out mail-outs; client area where they can view their quotes and orders and make payments: ecommerce with setting up SSL. When bidding, please also let me know if you’ll be able to help with these projects in the future.

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