Oscmax Changes

Oscmax Changes
Need a coder with experience of OSC/OSCmax.

If you do not know OSC(Max) well then please do not bid on this project.

I have an instance of OSCMax modded with Product Attribute Pictures.

Change 1:

The site works really well but on the product info page I need
for the product image to be changed by both tha attibute picture and by the dropdown.

If a product attribute picture is clicked to change the product image then the dropdown must reflect this selection and vice versa.

Change 2: when added to the shopping cart the attribute image should be shown and not the main product image.

To prove that you have read this and also that you know OSCMax I have some questions:

what is the name of the function that you will need to modify to add a javascript onchange event to to achieve change 1 and what file is it in.

If you cannot answer the above question please do not bid.

These are only small changes for someone with the right experience, please bid accordingly.

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