Grab & Rename & Save Images

Grab & Rename & Save Images
We have two excel sheets with data:
1. holds data of current dbase, with this setup:

2. holds this data

What we need is this output:
pID, EAN, name, image
in this format:
pID, EAN, name, /pID.jpg

Extra information:
– Fields to match are the EAN’s.
– images must be stored into a (given) folder.
– if the image field is not empty for current record, skip it as we clearly have the image already.

We can use two separate csv files for this too, either way is fine and shouldn’t take too long.

MUST be done within 1 day, as it should be easy for a good programmer.

If you can automate it so we can use it again and again, that sure has prio over manually do this once for the current files.

What you use for programming is fine either way, desktop app or webserver (php) script.

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