Finish Simple Database

Finish Simple Database
I need someone to finish my database I started for me.
Database tables are already created with some sample data. So is the output of that data. Need forms for inputting data and editing data created. Php and jquery needed (not much jquery but want changes within page to be without a whole page load). File upload and image processing also required.
Database output here:

The insert forms are here:
(they aren’t hooked up, except order, family, genus and common group pull from db. Order, Family and genus using jquery to change without reloading page).

There are instructions next to each field in the insertTable and InsertCommonGroup.
Edit pages should be similar to the insert files, just pre-populated with the selected record.

The database structure should stay the same. Attached is a snapshot of the database. Relational with a lot of separate tables. If you feel the need to change something, I would need to be consulted first.

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