Basic Social Networking Site

Basic Social Networking Site
We are looking to hire a PHP / MySQL developer / team to work on a basic social networking platform.

The site’s users can:

Create a profile, including an Flash-based avatar [Flash content already created]
Make friends – as a list
Send messages – to friends on user’s friend list
Instant chat – between user’s friends on friend list
Play games – using user’s friends represented as avatars, record high-scores and challenge friends to games based on scores [Flash content already created]

The only difference with the site from other social networks is that the user registration process is authorised by user assigned administrators [UAAs]. Until authorised, users can still access certain features of the site [create an avatar, play games] but will be unable to communicate [messages, instant chat]. UAAs will be given full access to communication logs and activity for the purpose of user-side moderation.

Users, UAAs and the site will be able to flag events as inappropriate. UAAs and the site will be able to block certain users. UAAs will be able to request users be banned and the site will be able to implement this.

Moderation is to be carried out by software checking for certain words and by the site owners. We would require a facility to check all communication logs including a search facility. This facility would give us the option to flag events and block / ban certain users / UAAs. We would also like to have time restrictions for use.

We currently have a designer and Flash developer to create the site design and interactive assets [avatar, games…]. We also have basic PHP skills ourselves.

We have a site-map and spec ready.

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