Simple Php Page Needed

Simple Php Page Needed

This should be fairly quick and simple to create for someone familiar with php.

What I need is a simple page created like this one…

Some of the information to build the page is on this page and on the attachment…

This php page you will create will dynamically populate info from a database into fields like this on the page [%name%]. So for example if the info in the field name [%name%]is “Life Chair by Knoll”, the page would be constructed as follows..

*** begin page description ***

Best deal on [%name%]


(populate image from [%image%])

On Sale Today (clickable link that embeds [%url%])

(star image)
<img src=”images/stars.gif” width=”107″ height=”18″>

Click Here To See Todays Amazing Price (clickable link that embeds [%url%])

(Learn More image)
<a href=”[%url%]”><img src=”images/learnmore.jpg” alt=”Click here to learn more!” width=”260″ height=”80″ border=”0″></a>

Vendor Highlights:

Free Shipping
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

*** end page description ***

I would possible also need some help if the fields in the page are not populating correctly. I will pay once completed (it should be very quick). As you see, I have a 100% positive feedback record.

I am available to work with today.


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