Fast Cash For Php Expert

Fast Cash For Php Expert
Hello Freelancers

I am in need of a professional and reliable PHP master, who can help me set up couple of simple tasks (simple for you , not me :)) and i also like to get to know you for future projects.

Here are the 2 tasks i need done Asap

1) Affiliates Contest: I am giving 3 prizes to affilies who send the most leads to my squeeze pages. (2)

So i need you to create a system to track how many unique IPS are coming from each affiliate. and have them posted on a website

Keep in mind i am using Click bank & Easy Click mate combined.

2) Tracking Affiliate click bank ID, from the leads coming ot my squeeze page.
I need the Squeeze page to capture, Affiliate ID, and Figure out how can i give the comission to the right affiliate at the future date.

* please no copy pasting and in your bit please briefly tell me how you are planning to do this job, and if you have done simliar work in the past.
* also i need this fairly quick so i need ETA on when it can be done by.

Many thanks in advance

This should be 2 quick easy task for some one who done this before

1) Contest to count unique IPS and display
2) Capturing Affid through Squeeze page

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