Php Search & Replace Script

Php Search & Replace Script
Need PHP Search and Replace Script

I need a skilled PHP prgrammer to create, install, test, and debug a search and replace script with these exact functions:

– I have a 52 page website template I am going to distribute.
– There is NO data base associated with the template and will NOT add a Db
– The user will be instructed to load the website file via cpanel using the “extract” function, which will install all pages on domain
– All 52 pages will have common variables (words only) which need to be easily searched and replaced with the user defined words

-Example: All of the pages with have a specific CITY name in numerous places within the content of the pages. I currently have this: ##CITY## everywhere a specific city name needs to be inserted.

-Ideally, the User could have an internal page in the website wherein each of the items that need to be sesarched and replaced are listed and there is a field they enter the replacement word and hit enter, and the script searches ALL pages in the website and enters that word where noted.

PLEASE NOTE – there can be no data base added to the site/template. You script must run without any data base stuff at all.

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