Php Script Modifications

Php Script Modifications
I have a php script that was developed by xzero that needs some modifications by a savvy experienced php programmer.

1. First I would like to make the script MULTI-LEVEL ADMIN CONTROLED. This mod gives the ‘Admin’ Administrator the ability to setup Moderator and grants people the ability to manage only certain Function in admin section without the whole site be of risk of being compromised, it also hides some sensitive info (like payments history).

2. I would like a feature called “Feature Ads” moved from the center of the page to the right pane under the cities. This are will host up to 25-featured ads house in a scrollable formats. In addition the featured events will be stationed along the bottom portion of the site above the ads in a scrollable format with up to 15 events. Feacher ads and events are specific to the area it is being posted.

3. There are two buttons that are on the main page that needs some functionality. The “contact us” button needs a functional form attached and the “add your city” buttons needs to be constructed to allow visitors to add their city to the site (US Only). This function will immediate add the new city and will go live once it is approve by admin.

4. And finally I would like this script to be able to allow the poster to Share the ad with other cities. Meaning poster are able post it in multiple cities (up to 10 cities, instead of doing it one-by-one? in additions As an Administrator you can take an individual classified ad, select the Cities that you want to share it with and with the click of a button the ad gets duplicated in all those Cities immediately. (Unlimited or all)

I have attached a snapshot of the site, Please review and provide your input on this POST. Please provide a quote for each number listed and a total price.


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