File Upload Site

File Upload Site

I’m looking for a talented designer/programmer to create a simple file upload site!

I need the following features:


– The upload system should allow the user to upload large files (of up to 100mb?) but not be flash or java driven- just php and AJAX
– The user should be able to upload while logged out, logged in and logged in on a premium account
– The user should be able to upgrade their account to premium at a fixed rate per month or per year (paypal payment).

– Not logged in:
– User uploads file instantly (AJAX upload perhaps?) with optional comment, title and password
If the file is an image:
– HTML and BBCode image links
– Link for file to be shown as an image on my site
– Link for file to be forced as a download
– Link for file to be deleted
If the file is another format:
– Link to download after a possible waiting time or password entry
– Link for file to be deleted
– Maximum upload size of Xmb
– file is disabled after X days of inactivity (BUT NOT DELETED)
– Ads displayed

– Logged in:
– Same options as a non-logged in user (with different inactivity limits and a higher upload size)
– User may view their images in a gallery (and create unlimited new galleries)
– User may view files + download counts in a list
– User may ‘delete’ files
– User may upload multiple files in one go
– Ads displayed

– Premium:
– Same specs as logged in
– Much higher upload limit (let’s call it ‘unlimited’ for now)
– View files etc. with no waiting

Back end:
– Admin logs in like other users but can view the admin panel
– View all files/download counts/uploading IP/username
– View all uploads by username/ip
– View paypal transactions
– View and edit user details (including premium/admin status and account suspension)
– Ban users/ip addresses

– I’d like a really simple, clean and user intuitive design and will require the PSD files for later editing
– XHTML/CSS valid
– I’ve no specific specs in terms of the design.. something unique and pretty would be good 😉

I’ve a reasonable budget for the right programmer. Recent or related work examples would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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