Frame Pages

Frame Pages
I have an advertising section on the site where members can read newsletters and earn points. They are suppose to read the ad for 30 seconds before they can claim any points.

I would like to update the site so instead of just making them read the ad for 30 seconds I would like to force them to visit the site for 30 seconds.

The top frame will include the 30 seconds timer and then the other frame will load our webpage or whatever it is we’re advertising. When the 30 seconds timer runs out, they will click a confirmation button in order for them to be credited.

So when they log into the members area, go to their inbox, and click on the ad they’re about to read, it should then load the page into this frame page and load the URL that is being advertised in the frame right below the timer. This should probably open up in a new window.

Thanks! Any questions please ask. I would like this started on as soon as possible.

I will select the winning programmer within 30 minutes to 2 hours so please stand by and ready to start if I select you.

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