Create Windows Gui For Php

Create Windows Gui For Php
Dear all,

I have a PHP script which can be executed and running on Windows because the exe file is embeded with php engine. After it is executed, the process is running on MS-DOS windows.

Now, I need a programmer to do these for me:

1) Create a setup.exe for it (for installations)
2) Rename it to the name I required.
3) Create a DEMO version of it in which the functions is limited. You suggest me the best registration method for full version.
4) Create GUI of it, instead of editing the settings with text editor.
5) Create GUI of it, showing the running process in graphical instead of MS-DOS.
6) Basically the running process is just showing some simple statistics. (I will tell you more about this in PMB, let me know if you are interested)
7) Visit to know more how the program runs.

I have the source code so all you need to do is to integrate it with the GUI.


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