Script Work/php/programmer

Script Work/php/programmer
We have some problems on our website that need to be fixed. We have weird symbols that need to be replaced with a different symbol/character or deleted. We need scripts made to fix these errors. For example, we have • that needs to be changed to a bullet.

We also have some product descriptions where some words ran together. This would have been the last word in one line ran together with the first word in the next line. Below is an example. Are you able to fix this and others like it? (It would require separating the words that ran together.)

An Identification Guide ToCommon Backyard Birds
A field guide to more than 80 common feeder visitors acrossNorth America. The booklet´s introduction tells you how toidentify a bird. The rest of the booklet is devoted tophotographs of each species, with ranges, field marks, andfood preferences.

We also need to have a script where we can make changes in one osCommerce database of products and it make those changes on multiple websites that has the same osCommerce database.

If it’s possible – and if you’re knowledgeable about Commerce Buddy – we need to have a site that currently uses Commerce Buddy into an osCommerce website. This will require further communication.

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