Ajax/php Directory Website

Ajax/php Directory Website
Looking for website (basic design and development) that will function like this:

www dot care dot com/visitor/captureSitterSearch.do?care=child-care-babysitter-nanny

1. advertiser signs up, pays and creates profile
2. profile displays based on zip code search.
3. website visitor can narrow down results based on filters on left hand margin.
4. there will be different categories of items (e.g. “child care” “special needs” etc. – like they have, but different categories) – each category will need its own set of filters for the website visitor to narrow down search results.
5. Basically, that’s it.

a. Prefer ajax/php
b. all pages seo friendly (website.com/example/seo-friendly.htm) no session id’s, etc.
c. all rights and code to be owned by me.

Budget $500
Required within 30 days.

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