Php Programer Needed

Php Programer Needed
i need a programer to help take a load off me. i have too much work and meed someone that can help with my over flow.

right now i need someone to help with a oscomemrce job.

this job will consist of the following.

1. installing about 4 or 5 modules
2. set up my xml programing to be able to update other osc stores from my client
3. import all clients, products, attributes, orders from my other system to the new one.

there is probly a little more but please give me a bid on wha tive posted.

i need someone that is going to stick around. i dont care the hours you work as long as we have time each day to talk.

i will be helping with this so please bid accordingly.

must take payment via paypal, have skype or yahoo to chat and prefer someone that can chat voice also.

ask any questions in pmb.

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