Api In Payment Processor 2

Api In Payment Processor 2
We need an expert in Php, Xml, mysql and HASH (Sha256) for verification purposes.

Like you know, the payment processors need an API to transfer money/get balance/get transation history without logging: Imagine that you have a forex site and you want to send money to your users (The earnings of your customers) with the payment processor. You have to integrate the API in your website. The customer will request the payout pressing the button and you the system will send the money automatically without logging in the Payment Processor account.
You can do the same to know the balance, or the transaction history.

The payment processor have this way, with the current API. But we need THE SAME THINGS of Liberty Reserve API for a new API 2.0. They have sha256 (hash security) to prevent spoofing attacks and to return the correct data to customer side. We need a new API located at /api/api.php with the same features of Liberty Reserve (xml) in the payment processor side and Customer side (example in php to make payments):


We need same 100%, same variable names, same way, same variables…of this link.

We need the same way 100% so you will need to create a section inside the payment process account to generate the api key, the secret word or any of these features like Liberty Reserve has:

This might be the beginning of a business relationship because we need another API to Transfer Money when we finish this project. Our customer always wants new features and we will have more project for the winner.

Important: We will give you the files involved in the API process so you will not have access to ALL website platform. You will have to install these files in your machine because we will NOT give you FTP access to our environment.

Please send us through PM your past experience in this market. It will be helpful because we would like to hire people with experience in API development.

Payment through ESCROW with Scriptlance.

Thank you.

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