Php Search Engine Pdf Img Etc

Php Search Engine Pdf Img Etc
We need a PHP/MySQL script like the one in pdf-search-engine with features:

Support for Web, Images, Video, News, Audio, Dictionary and PDF searches. (selectable in admin panel)
Easily Integrate Yahoo Boss, Bing and Google Youtube API Keys
Suggests popular, possible related search keywords while users type in their keyword (search autofill), as like in Google and Bing. (not 100% necesary)

Bad word filter for family safe search engines.
Home page keyword cloud tags to show top searches or last searches
Optional feature to add a hidden keyword for all the searches users make. For example for a niche search engine. (selectable in admin panel)
Optional Show thumbshots along with each results optional (not 100% necesary)
Optional Spelling suggestion in results. (not 100% necesary)
Show searched keywords in result as bold text.
Optional show related keywords in the result page.
Mix popular image results in its web search as like in google, yahoo, picassa and flickr
Show full size images directly from the image results page.
Friendly url
Optional sitemap (selectable in admin panel)
Assign No-Index meta tag if the keyword is searched less than a certain number of times (selectable in admin panel)

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