Update Advertisers Section

Update Advertisers Section
I currently have WHMCS installed on my site. It is NOT a web hosting site. So basically I just use WHMCS for the support.

I have an advertising section now on my site where a member has to create an Advetisers account and then they can login and purchase:

1. newsletter advertisement space
2. banner advertising space

Currently just 1 payment option is available on each of these plans. Once they setup their advertising they are lead to the next page where they are suppose to pay via PayPal then I manually activate the advertising when I receive a payment notification.

I would like to set this up different now and have it be a little more advanced. I’m thinking of cutting out the custom registration page and displaying a page up front that shows multiple advertising options. Maybe have 5 plans for each so a total of 10 plans. I plan on adding these 10 plans to my WHMCS so its easy checkout and looks more professional. I’ll include PayPal and 2Checkout as payment options since WHMCS supports both of these.

Then after their payment is completed they should be re-directed to a page that will THEN let them upload their newsletter ad that they want to advertise or upload the banner they would like to advertise on the site.

They they can verify their upload and Submit it as the final step. Once submited then it is uploaded into the system and I can activate it from my admin panel like I do right now. Maybe you’ll have to setup an IPN after payment is received so the system knows to bring them to this final page that will let them upload their Newsletter Ad or upload their Banner?

The way the system is setup right now is a lot of people upload blank ads or stupid banners but they never make payment so I have to delete these bogus ads every day. This way the person can’t upload their ad until after payment. I also feel that using WHMCS to place an order is much more sophisticated.

Here is a tricky part. There is an advertisers section where advertisers can track their stats to see how many people have viewed their banner or newsletter etc. Would it be possible to have their WHMCS registration details (so their e-mail address and password) be their login details to get into this advertisers area? I still want them to be able to track their advertisements from this section of the site.

Any questions please ask!

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