Web Form To Pdf To 2nd Website

Web Form To Pdf To 2nd Website
I need a web form designed where my agents can enter a clients information one time and have it populate all of the required pdf documents. There is quite a bit of data that will need to be captured (around 50-60 fields).

The agent should be able to select one of two groups of documents for the gathered information to populate. Group A will have 7 documents, Group B will have 9 documents.

The agent should be able to either print the pdf documents or save them as a single pdf file to attach in an email.

The second part of the project involves designing a script to take the data entered by the agent and writing it to a 3rd party website. Currently, we take the hand written documents and manually enter them into this 3rd party website. This 3rd party website does not provide the ability to upload data, only manually enter it.

Please PM me with any specific questions.

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