Bidrivals/swoopo Like Site

Bidrivals/swoopo Like Site
I would like a website functionality wise exactly like swoopo/bidrivals/madbid

main requirements for this project are

I should be able to use my own template and edit every aspect of the website if and when required.

admin users with different level of access(i.e. full,view only) – the full admin should be able to define what can be viewed and accessed by limited admins

users should be able to use a promo code to get certain number of free bids(can be used only once by each user,admin should have ability to activate/deactivate promo code)

Also these 3 auctions type’s are required

penny auction with bidbutler
penny auction without bidbutler
fixed priced auctions(i.e. the winner only pays to bid and not the final price)

half payment will be made after testing is successfully completed on your server,the remaining half will be paid after the script is successfully tested on my server.

If this project is done successfully,I will need your service’s again in the future for further enhancements to the site,so this project can be a start of a long term business relationship.

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