Vbulletin Server Load

Vbulletin Server Load
I believe there is a renegade query in my vBulletin forum that is causing my web server’s memory to exponentially increase until the server stalls out. My site loads fine on most pages, except for the forums and 1 page that grabs forum RSS information and embeds it. When I remove the forum RSS info from that page it loads just as fast as the other pages which makes me believe the problem lies somewhere in vBulletin.

Your job is to discover the cause of this problem, and then fix that problem as quickly as possible. I will provide you with root access to my dedicated server for you to use whatever logs or information you need to diagnose the problem. I will also provide you with a forum admin account and any other data that you might need.

I have had 2 people look into logs trying to figure out the problem, but nobody has been able to provide me with an answer so far. I have even switched my web host to an entirely different server, which is proof that it is not a hardware issue. The new server is plenty fast to accommodate the amount of traffic that this site gets so I don’t want to hear anyone come to a conclusion that my hardware needs upgraded.

Intel Core i5 750 processor
2x 2GB DDR3 1333
2x 500GB SATA Raid +1
100,000 pageviews/month (about 100 users online at any time)

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