Wufoo Forms Custom Api

Wufoo Forms Custom Api
First off let me start by saying that the whole reason behind me need a custom API is because a functions that is not yet provided by Wufoo… The funny thing is that its just an easy function to implement that I think they just slacking!… Anyhow…

I already have a layout of what the form should look like and I’ll give you access to my Wufoo account and site ftp so you can work. I asked support how i could display calculations real time as customers fill out the form and pick different services and this is what they told me to do:

1. host the form on your site
2. write the script to submit the data to wufoo through the submit api: http://wufoo.com/docs/api/submit
3. write the script to do the calculations

Layout screen shot will be given in private. If you can get started asap say so.


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