Portfolio Community Edit 2

Portfolio Community Edit 2
I just hired a programmer to make changes to my site: www.modelhighway.com if you visit the site, you will see the errors I need fixed, and some additional features added. here is what needs to be fixed:
the spacing is real far away from each other

this is how the castings.php should show up

same spacing issue as casting

http://www.modelhighway.com/pics.php footer is too high up, should be on bottom

toggle work safe mode is not working

footer is too high on page, should be on bottom

http://www.modelhighway.com/preferences.php adjust left margin please

after the search results, the very bottom grey bar is on the left of the screen, needs to be in centered
look on the very bottom

http://www.modelhighway.com/makeshoutout.php no left margin

search page is messed up on internet explorer.

I need a 2257 compliance link added when a member wants to label their photo as nude,

I need an option to make photo avatar on the drop down when a member edits their photos

I want to make the new members uplaod at least 5 images in order for their account to be approved.

I want ad spaces through out site, on top and bottom and right column where there is space, and be able to easy change the ads by copy and paste code within my admin panel.

I want List feature for members to add lists, and have them show up on under their photos, so if a members wants to create a artistic nude list, the link shows on the bottom of the photo, and it links to a page showing all the members who they added to the list.

on blogs page, and casting page, and search page, I would like it to look nicer, like lines on top/bottom of each one seperating them.

would like header bar wtih links not so thick, and be like myspace where when you click one, it’s not hyperlink rollover, but hyperlink indents.

need to have option where members can add a MH# for credit for photos they upload

worksafe mode needs to work, so the images labeled as nude or adult don’t show up, unless work safe mode is off.

need travel/availability notice for members

on search page, needs to be like: modelhwy.com and have a button for advanced search which will go to another page with all the current search criteria and more, like it currently has. but needs to work.

Programmer needs to understand there are a few other errors not listed, here, so I want the understanding that any errors I find during the job, must be fixed as part of this project.

when I say errors, I mean page layout problems.

any additional features, I will negotiate for a fee.

I am seeking a programmer than can be trusted to make changes for future request at a reasonable price.

I spent all the money I had to invest in this site, but now I have to hire someone to fix the other programmers crap.

Please be aware when placing a bid.

would like to be able to easily change logo from admin if possible.

I want a programmer who, while we are working, if I say can you do this or that, they do it and don’t have an issue. like change a background color on a table, or add something here or there, small things.

would like a differnt layout of buttons on members My Account view.

Need a photo of the day contest with voting option and results page.

I would like to try a couple differnt color schemes and background colors also for the overall look of the site, would like some paitence with this.

Once a bid is accepted, I don’t want to worry about any extra charges until the project is complete and we talk about othe things not listed here.

I also need search engine optimization, would like to change my meta data.

that’s all I can think of, so I guess that’s it.

Good luck.

there are a few changes I would like to make in member profiles also in regard to layout and buttons/tabs for details about work interests, bio/history.

The whole layout needs a bit of a face lift. Everything I am asking for, must meet my approval. Thank you.

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