Phpprobid Commission System

Phpprobid Commission System
I’m looking for an automated and secured system for my sales commission on the PHPProbid 6.07 auction platform
– at the end of the auction: invoice mail to seller with commission to pay (now invoices are made only after payment and mails aren’t send with detailed commission to seller – only ‘object sold’ confirmation)
– automatic mail with invoice (pdf f.e.) after paying setup fee (only for direct payments)
– automatic mail with invoice after paying sales commission
– overdue clients shouldn’t be able to start another auction until invoices are paid
– all current auctions of overdue clients should be listed, with the option to delete or put on hold auctions until invoices are paid (can this be automated, let’s say for all clients who are 10 days overdue are put on-hold until they bring their account to current status)

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