Some Change On Existing Site

Some Change On Existing Site
Some change on existing website :

I will give all images and you can use the PDF like example, i need every things EXACTLY like the PDF.

– HEADER : Quit the grey bar in the top and buttons

– MENU : Change the separators images and active selection of the menu, ( separador.png , under_menu.jpg ) quit the right separator of CONTACTO. And little bit less space between the text and seperators

– ON THE RIGHT OF THE MENU : Put the buttons and flag (mouse over effect- normal color Orange and when you mouse over Blue) on the right of the menu (atencion_cli_boton.png , atencion_cli_boton_ro.png , es_ro.gif , es.gif , en_ro.gif , en.gif)

– MODULE : Change the module with icons, but the text we have already stay the same, with mouse over effect. Be carefull, i am using Joomlafish !! Images on ICONS folder

– BOTTOM : Change the logo on the bottom, right part ” Visa/master card” this have to be a module

is just some coding change on the index.php and template_css.css direct on this existing site.

The folder of the template is :


I will send the User and password by Message, and i attach all images and the PDF example

The Dead line is Friday 19 march

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