Php Client Db + Recycling Feed

Php Client Db + Recycling Feed
We are looking for a PHP programmer who can do several projects for us. One of these projects is building a online client database and feed recycler.

What we need:

Client part:
Online fill out and sign up for our service
Editing their contact info

Back Office:
Online fill out of client info
Online edit of client info
About 100 different fields of data that we can edit
Same 100 fields not in edit mode, but with a copy button next to them.
A note field that we can use to keep track of agreements, contacts and other communications with the client.

A possibility to give external parties access to part of the fields. So, external party A gets access to field a-b-c-d and can copy (not edit) the content of that field, external party B gets access to field e-f-g-h and can copy the content. The access should be editable by the superuser (or admin) so it is not a static process. We should be able to choose who gets access to what to use part of the info of that particular client.

Recycling feeds: we need to be able to add per client an unlimited list of text items with external links in them that will generate a feed. As soon as the last item has been send out, the list will start from the top again. This is a weekly, biweekly or monthly recycling process (option to choose).

There might be some other features that have to be added later.

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