Changes To A Flash App

Changes To A Flash App
I’m willing to pay $125-200 for this work. It must be done in 20 days or less. Basically have a flash application already made that allows you to put design on shirts. It will need to be modified to fit what the client needs. Message me and I’ll send you a link to it. NOte the applicatin is using shirt. They won’t be using shirts at all.

1. The customizer won’t save what the person has done for each side of the shirt. When they upload and image and say put in on the front of the shirt that image, when you click to add stuff to the left, right or back of the shirt that same image you uploaded is still there. Basically whatever they uploaded or did to one side of the shirt needs to save automatically the section of the shirt that the image it was uploaded too.

2. When they upload an image it needs to be automatically saved to the database so that the person who process the order can use that image again it’s it full version size. So the application will need to be connected to database obviously and you all will need to add a “next page” just like you see on this site http://www.broken(REMOVE_THIS) take out (REMOVE_THIS) obviously in that link.

So that next page and how it will go to the next page and grab what was done in the flash application needs to be made. Also save needs to work. So that the user can save and come back to change their design.

3. Under select Product: Add “1.” to the purple box with “Select Product” in it.

Basically will be categories. We will combine the 4 poster page categories that we currently have available (event, holiday, celebration, sports). So Choose a product should read : Choose a category: event, holiday, celebration and sports.

4. Customers should have the ability to upload their own artwork as the base of the poster as well.

Since all of our products will be on paper, we won’t need the different views unless we are doing two sided products which we will do at some point. I don’t know if you should just include that feature and disable it for this particular product.

5. We have thumbnails for all of the above categories that you can pull from the product pages. They will need to be added with their respective categories to the list.

6. Under Add/Edit Text: Add “2.” to the purple box with the “Add/Edit Text” in it.

7. More fonts need to be added.

8. Only Bold and Italic are necessary for the font styles.

9. The color chart for the font needs to be bigger

10. A border option needs to be added. Where someone can choose a color for a border and the thickness. Same colors as you have available should be fine. Thickness can be measured in what ever units you feel will work.

10. Take out the text shaping feature.

11. Under Add/Edit Graphics: Add “3.” to the purple box with “Add/Edit Graphics” in it.

I will provide simple graphics for you to add to this category. Please let me know what the specs need to be. We can create both vector and raster files. I’m not sure what the preview will work with.

The company is using movia or mova or something. I think php can be used with it.


This will be sent to a a big printer. I thought that a hi resolution pdf might be the best output or this application. You will have to send the specifications for the text, font size, positioning, colors and so on to recreate the products and assemble them as print ready artwork. NOTE: I”m willing to discuss alternative ways of how this can be done. I’m not going to pay more money though. I just need the output to come out clear.

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