Facebook Publish_stream App

Facebook Publish_stream App
I want my app to publish to a “user”‘s wall AND to a page’s wall. The “user” is an administrator of the page and a user of the app.
The app “canvas” is used for setup, the app can be installed on one or several facebook page tab and on user profiles.

– user chooses to have the app automatically publish to page wall or to profile wall
– manage and prompt for special permission
– for a uid, check permission and post to wall
– for a pageid, check permission and post to wall
– when publishing to walls, the news will come from the “page”

Ideally the app would do those publishing when displayed within a page or profile tab. If not practical, then you need to come up with a working system (maybe a refresh on the app’s canvas view, CRON, etc.).

All in PHP / Javascript.

You must be able to show me a working app that I can install on a tab and profile that will publish to my profile wall and to my page wall when I get on it.

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