Scrobble To Ical

Scrobble To Ical
I am looking for someone with knowledge of PHP, XML and iCAL to create a PHP script that will be housed on my LAMP server to automatically (via cron) check with every 10 minutes and using any new tracks it finds, create an appointment in my Google Calendar that reflects the track info, and is the duration of that track. This can either be done by creating an iCal public feed that I can subscribe to in Google Calendar (preferred), or by directly authenticating to my Google Account to create the calendar event. You can use a API Account that I will provide to access this data, or you can easily get your own API here: The first time the script is run, it will have hundreds or even thousands of tracks to grab to get the entire history into the calendar. After this, it should only grab tracks that have not yet been entered in the calendar (note that a way to keep track of what has been entered will be required). I can provide a MySQL database if it will help.

The following API can be used to gather [name], [artist], [date] and [album]
The following API can be used to gather [duration]

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