Update Phpbb Style Code

Update Phpbb Style Code
I need someone experienced with the phpBB message board software to help me update an outdated STYLE for the current phpBB version.

The style I want to use is based on phpBB’s PROSILVER and is updated only for the 3.0.0 version of phpBB. The current version of phpBB is 3.0.7-PL1 — find info about phpBB here:


I need help only with the text updates, css and html code, and/or phpBB scripting code in the text files. I will do any graphics files editing myself.

Also if possible I would like the style code to be cleaned up — I noticed some errors in it myself (even tho I am not very experienced with css) and I found some un-needed graphics files included in the style’s package. I would like to end up with an updated, fully working and *clean* style set for the current phpBB version in order to make it as easy to maintain in the future as possible.

The style I want to have updated is called “SemiGreen” and it can be viewed and/or downloaded here:


Note it is NOT available from the ‘official’ phpBB styles database, since it has been removed due to being outdated and abandoned.

Thanks in advance for all interest 🙂

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