Gpt Script Wanted

Gpt Script Wanted
Hi all,
Dont think i will get what i want but i can try at least.

I have $47 and i want a GPT script,can anyone offer a GPT script for such a low price?

Needs a login and a refferal system where members will earn a percentage of what there refferals earn etc,

With this script i will want other things adding in a couple of weeks time when i get more funds,and i guarentee i will also use the person who makes this script for me,

so only has to be a simple GPT script where members can complete offers/trials/surveys to earn cash and points to cashout to paypal or exchange for gifts like a xbox games,xbox live codes etc..

i know i am asking alot for a little price,but i wont get if i dont ask 🙂
worth a try i guess

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