Php Mysql Programmer Needed

Php Mysql Programmer Needed
1. I have a website that is in PHP and needs several updates. Attached is an Adobe Acrobat document with the changes, but you will need more instruction from me on these.

2. I have set up a test site so that the work can be done there and if any mistakes occur, they won’t affect the main site.

3. For some reason the MySQL info is not working on the test site so maybe you can help to fix that.

4. This is not a large budget project.

5. The test site is located at

6. Important. The winning programmer will need to comment before & after where he made the changes. This way changes cab be reversed if so desired.

7. Only the yellow highlighted item are the items to be changed. If it is not highlighted in yellow then you will not be doing that work.

Those who bid and simply say “I CAN DO IT” it in their bids, won’t get a second look from us. Please don’t waste your time. We have several upcoming jobs to post and don’t have time to waste.

We need somebody experienced with PHP and MySQL. No BEGINNERS!


Time is of the essence on this project, we may end bidding early for the right bidder. Also upon completion, we will need the completed project and the source files.


We can pay with Escrow, Paypal, credit card, or company check.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please post to PMB so we can communicate. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!

Good Luck!

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