Database Coursework

Database Coursework
Design a database with a easy to use front end (MS Access/Php)
The database should consist of an inventory system that can make order entry, maintain stock levels ,stock purchasing, print sales and purchase reports.

The project entails developing a database system for a retail store with 8 branches, they are looking at switching from their current ways of manual operations to a computer one for efficiencies of gains.

A narrative of the current operations is as follows :
When a customer buys an item:

1. Sales force records it manually in a sales book, signed and dated
2.A receipt is given to the customer, a copy retained in the receipt book
3.A store card containing all items/ product in the shop are then reduced to make for adjustment for item sold.
4.Store manager reconciles inventory with the store card.
5.Store manger counts cash and reconcile the receipt and cash is kept in daily cash envelope.
6.Cash, Receipt, store card all reconciled
7.Cash banked
8.A phone call is then made to the main warehouse were orders are made to be replenished
9.Orders are only replenished on ascertaining that cash is banked

1.DFDs for both current and future systems
2.using PHP and mySql platform to develop the system
3 make the system accessible on a client/server architecture.

Detail Report: (has to be very good standard)
structure and presentation
Discussion of requirements
Discussion of analysis and design implementation

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