Virtual Tour Website

Virtual Tour Website
Allow commercial businesses create a professional website with no technical skill.
after a commercial business had sign up with me. They get a log and password where they enter information about their business, still photos (jpeg and other formats), videos (mp4, mov, avi, other formats) locate their business in a map (google), driving directions to its place, let customers connect throughout skype, share to social networks (facebook, myspace, twitter), enter a heading banner linking to their home page, let them enter a promotion (pop up window), let them classify their business in categories, email, let them be able to get a code to embed the page create in their home webpage. Add comments of visitors like a blog, statistics of visitors, and a FAN CLUB (collect customer data for further promotions).
My customers just need to enter the data and will come out with a professional web with a lot of interaction.
I want the webpage be able open according to any size of monitor not FIX.
I want be able to authorize every time they make a change in their virtual tour website and turn on or off if they had not pay in a monthly basics

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