Vtiger Offline Viagoogle Gears

Vtiger Offline Viagoogle Gears
We are seeking a way to enable off-line use of vTiger. Please note; The vTiger application needs to be accessible, not just synchronising some of the CRM contact data in, say, Outlook

We currently run vTiger 5.1 on TMDHosting using Firefox 3.6.

I noticed the following method to get vTiger accessible off-line using Google Gears but other methods that achieve the same result are acceptable also:


The instructions that are provided are user instructions, but they do not explain if anything needs to be done on our server or what needs to be done to the client laptop; see http://forge.vtiger.com/frs/download.php/720/vtoffline-1.2.pdf.

We seek an experienced vTiger programmer who will get this feature to work.

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