Need Web Designq

Need Web Designq
I need a web design for a website evaluator site.

Front Page Design:

Simple version of:
Make it simplified version, just have logo, search bar, and under should be couple of text boxes for text, and ads.

Logo: Some sort of spinning stats icon like:

On top right corner.

Logo Text: WebcoStats

2nd page (Search Results)

Similar to:

Should have logo on top and the blue sidebars should say:


When clicked on each side menu sidebar buttons, the following should come up:


– Alexa ranking
– Alexa traffic ranking
– Pagerank
– Indexed pages (should show a number of indexed pages on google, yahoo, bing, msn, aol, etc.)
– Number of backlinks (should show a number of backlinks linking to that site)
– Social bookmarks (Should show where and how mnay times that website appeared on dilicious, digg, stumbleupon,
facebook, myspace, reddit,etc..)
– Link price (possible price of a link on that website, calculated by traffic, pagerank, etc.)
– Site value (possible value of the website, calculatedby traffic, pagerank, etc..)

All i need is sample box with text and icons for each element.

Lists all links linking to that website showing if those sites are follow, or no follow, their page rank, text,
and alt tags.

Lists all tweets for that website

– Lists all possible keywords for that website(taken from the sites meta keyword tag) and shows what position are those keywords linking to that website.

3d Page:

Contact us page (simple).

I need only design and psd.

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