Php Curl Programmer Needed

Php Curl Programmer Needed
I created script which login to website using PHP Curl and post new thread with same login username. It was working great yesterday but now it stopped working. I successfully login, cookie details are pasted into cookies.txt on my host. But script doesn’t allow me post message and return to login page again.

I also need to add following features:
– Allow login of different users for SAME website.
Example A: UserA and UserB can post thread in the same time using same script.
– Allow login of different users for DIFFERENT website.

I think this can be done by creating different cookie.txt file, but I’m not sure. Also, I don’t want to create different .txt for each website. It’s not efficient. If you know better way, please let me know.

I need someone to fix this problem immediately.
I’ll NOT escrow amount in the beginning. I’ll put escrow when you fix first problem. Also, I’ll send you bonus:

If you complete everything in 2 hours bonus will be : $10.
If you complete everything in 4 hours bonus will be : $5.

After 4 hours, I’ll CANCEL project. No joke.

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