Vbulletin Plugin/modification.

Vbulletin Plugin/modification.
This is how I visualize this paticular modification to work

An admin of the forum creates a Category with a companies name, or guild forum for a clan, for example “Gaming Guys”

Once that’s done, he or she would then go into the Administration panel and add a moderator to that Category and in the process, tick checkboxes on that page with additional permissions that don’t come with VBulletin, such as..

Can add/delete/edit forums. (Default: Unticked)
Can edit style assigned to this forum (Default: Unticked)
Can edit permissions of this forum (Default: Unticked)
Can add/remove/edit moderators to this forum (Default: Unticked)

Once that’s done, the assigned moderator would then log into the MODCP (Moderator Control Panel) of VB and would be presented with the same options that are normally reserved for admins, but they ONLY apply to the forums he or she is MODERATOR of.

If the moderator in question were to add a subforum to their category, they would be automatically given full moderation of that extra subforum, with the extra permissions already applied.

Additionally, the newly created forum would also inherit any custom theme settings setup on the parent category. (if any theme is assigned)

If a style is assigned to the category or newly created subforums, the moderator would then see an option in MODCP for editing of the assigned style, but ONLY that style which is assigned to the forums he or she is “Manager” of.

The moderator would also see options for access mask control of his/her assigned forums, as well as the ability to block or allow access to usergroups via forum permissions (but again, ONLY the forum he/she is assigned as moderator to)

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