Customize Osdate Script

Customize Osdate Script
Before you consider my project please know that I am looking for a Friendly and Skillful Programmer that keeps communication lines open at all times.

My current site Runs on the Osdate platform.

I Need a few modifications made, I am looking for a Friendly and Skillful Programmer that can do some minor design as well.

Scope of project

1) Fix map issue so it doesn’t load on bottom half
2) must be converted to xml so profile can show

3) much of the functions will be taken away: The following will be removed 1) Flash chat 2) Instant messenger 3) my video gallery 4) Blog 5) Forum ( these can be done from admin panel, I can probably do this myself)

4) when User uploads to his Picture gallery the system needs to allow clearer photos and variety of picture formats. bmp jpeg etc (If picture is too large website should automatically convert it to the proper size) .

5) The “email me now” button that is shown on users profile this will be changed to
“Send Date Invitation”

6) Each user will have an account balance where they can transfer money into For example a user needs a minimum of $5 dollars in their account balance in order to send a date invitation. Users cannot send a date invitation if their account has less than $5 in it.

7) when user sends date invitation the recipient has 48 hours to accept offer, if not then the $5 will be returned to senders account. If user accept date invitation then both accounts are charged $5

8) When a user receives a date invitation they will receive notification by email, “Congratulations… You’ve Received a Date invitation on!”

then user clicks link and sings in to check his date invitation

this is what the Date invitation would look like when they sign into the site:

“BigRomanticguy32” has sent you a date invitation for:
Date: September 15th at 7:45 pm
Location: The Olive Garden
Town: Fresh Meadows

A) “BigRomanticguy32 has agreed to pick up the tab.
B) “Bigromanticguy32 prefers to go dutch.
C) “Bigromanticguy expects you to pick up the tab.

If you decide to accept “Bigromanticguy32’s” Date Invitation your account will be debited $5.00, and both parties contact information will be made available to one another.

If you decline or ignore Date Invitation your account will NOT be charged.

Accept Decline
This Date invitation will Expire in 48 hours

9) I need programmer to make sure everything is working well with the website and the search member profiles are working correctly. i need to make sure the map is working correctly.

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