Myspace Add Site Replica

Myspace Add Site Replica
To bid: must be knowledgeable with the inner workings of Knowledgeable with insertion of google adsense adds, and as my site counter which I already have currently set up. Also I believe either java/flash, php, and mysql. Ready to work with a server which I have set up on on url Must be available for discussion on aim, yahoo mess, or phone.

Looking for my site to be redone/recreated with a new script and design. This script will be available to you for inquiry into how it all works. If possible I still have a design which I would like to use for my website found here: If possible I would like to keep that design, but welcome to new ideas. This was created by a programmer who had great design ideas, but could not figure out how to script the site to work the way I wanted it to. A lot of other sites like this ill list some examples so you know what your getting into:,,,, Those should give a good idea how these sites work, as well as being able to fully use mine

Basics: Myspace user can login with either friend id, or friend username at home screen. Users ranked by points based off of how many friends they requests on the site. Points and users reset daily at 8:30 am eastern my time. Admin panel allows me to add and remove users from vip section based off them paying me via paypal. The train on my current site can be moved over because it works great already. After login a bulletin or myspace code is generated that has a ref link on it, so users who join by following that users link give that user referral points. Also auto/post bulletin feature which is a feature of myspace, allows user to go to “get points” link and just click post. Once again my current working site will be avail for research if needed, yet my current problem is the code is not optimized so its way to slow. Please only bid once you have researched and know it can be done with your knowledge.

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