Route Description Site

Route Description Site
I am looking for a script to make a Site, where User can describe Tours and Trips.
There should be possible to name the starting point (Cityname), target and intermediate points (also cityname).
Example: A user describes a Tour from New York via Boston to wherever, He should have a Mask to put in the Startpoint (New York)
then a Box to describe the Route
and then a Box with the Target, and a button with “add intermediate target” so a new Textbox appeares where user can put in Boston
and also a Textbox to put in the description from Boston to wherever after this again a box with the Target and a button “add intermediate target”.
the search function should look to the intermediate target as a normal startpoint, so if a user searches after a city name, all tours starting from this point appear (in this example boston)
the possabillity to add infofields would be a big advantage.(for example to add tags like streetnames…)

the script must provide:
– multilinguality (separate Lang. file) – I can do translation myself
– User registration with username and full name/address and so on…
– Image Upload – where Images can be added to a route
– Route rating (to state the difficulty of a route – important for offroad!)
– possabillity to add comments to a existing description

I hope I did not make too much confusion with my description 🙂

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