Programmers For Web-portal(s)

Programmers For Web-portal(s)
Our project is a portal for amateur sports, cups and tournaments in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It will therefore be 4 languages, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English.
Translations will be provided by us.

It is a complex project, who also will link up to / share database with a travel / accommodation site for the same areas, with another web-address / portal.

The portal will show coming tournaments for youth-sports, with access for arrangers to fill in information about the event, manage applicants, manage payments, set up play-plans and so on.

There must be google-maps with drive planning possibilities, and automatic suggestions for stay from the db at the travel-site.

There is also need for a forum, where participating teams can communicate towards arranger, and also between members of participating teams.

We also want a connected blog, where team members can report for their families and local community.

Portal front is also, besides showing ongoing and coming events, planned to keep a news-section with automated feed for local amateur sport events.

For arrangers we are also providing a “tool-box” covering tips about arranging their type of activity, rules for their sport, like lane measures, regulations, and that kind of information.

The major benefit for users to actually use the portal is making things easier. Therefore we need automated services like e-mail notification for participating teams, automatic invitations to built in club-lists, automatic registration up till the preset number in each class and other features.

Our portal is also meant to be used for clubs / teams communications, also when not participating in an event.

There will in the future also be a loyalty programme, with web-shop, partner offers and so. We will also have transport/bus-companies as partners, and a way for our customers to order transport trough the portal.

The travel portal will be made on same platform on a later stage.
A travel portal “light” for coastal areas with things to see and harbours and accommodation for boat users will also use information from this.
From the same base there is also planned an event – site based on Nordic themes.

We do understand that our requirements are massive.
We do also understand that programming this is a big job, and not for everyone to begin at.
Economically we will also need to take one step at the time.

We will therefore need to have samples that shows that both our goals with this project is understood, and also some samples of earlier work that can show that we are talking the same language around this project.

A programmer or team that can sell in their skills and that communicate good and don’t let us down, will have good chances of being with this project for a long time.

Anyone biding for this project must be loyal to our demands that this project not appears as a clone from their hands. We do also demand that our company keeps all rights for the works paid for, and that any site to appear on web must not be property of any other company or person.

We are looking forward to many skilled bidders.

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