Programming A Marketing System

Programming A Marketing System
Hello all,

I am not exactly sure what needs to be done, how long or how much this project will take/cost so I do not have a time frame nor a budget.

All I know is that PHP/MySQL will be used.

I need a custom scripted way for people to be able to register/log into my existing website and have a basic customizable profile, where then they will be able to list items for sale.

I also need two custom searches for the people who register.

The first custom search will be to search the items that are listed for sale.
The second custom search will be for the people who are listing items for sale.

The last thing I would need would be a way to export the sales list with some code for a person to take the code and paste it into their own website and have that sales list be there.

Look forward to your bids.

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