Freelance Site Qc

Freelance Site Qc
This is my site :-
I purchased this script from Tukana software. The site is hosted in godaddy.

1) I just noticed that when people register, the account needs to be approved by the admin. I want to automate this. Right now when a user signs in the registartion time stamp does not show up ! This should be fixed so that people sign in safely with a password.

2) Also, I need the programmer to QC all the features (including how gold members are charged and the accounts classified, confirm that all payment models are safe etc),affiliate function, take care of why people are able to login without password, get the user account activation automatically etc and do modifications that are necessary.

I need the programmer to give me a demo of the site after that.
This is quite easy for someone who has worked on similar projects.

Please provide me details on similar projects that you have worked before.

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