Autosubmit Php Script

Autosubmit Php Script

I’ve got a one page PHP Mailer script where you input the list of email
addresses, the email of the from address, the message I want to send, and
the subject of the email.

I use this to send out a newsletter to one of my sites and right now everytime
I do it the server load crashes the server. The list is of around 200,000 plus

I wanted to somehow hook this process into a cronjob on the server but the one
thing that’s causing a problem is submitting the form automatically.

I wanted to divide the email list into around 10 to 20 different mailer’s or
use just one and submit the data to it one at a time with the cron. I really just
need a way to split this mail up to send every hour or every 2 hours.

I’ve tried using javascript onload feature but this just sends the script into
a huge loop.

I know that I may be able to run a curl script to auto-submit the form data one at
a time and splitting the list up and having it grab each part of the list in order
etc. But I can’t quite find the right solution.

So, I will send the first person who gives me a quick solution to my problem
$20 straight to their scriptlance account. No escrow and No project choices.

I am fairly experienced in using php code and other stuff so you can give me a
general solution/example and that would be all I would need.

Please let me know if you have a solution. This is a very quick job and will
be gone after 24 hours.

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