Magento Layered Navigation Ext

Magento Layered Navigation Ext

I’m looking for a developer to create an extension for me to enhance layered navigation in Magento.

This extension is similar to what I am looking to develop

I want the extension to have the same features as this but also it needs to have 2 further differences –

1. Ability for user to set maximum results in layered navigation displayed. For example, the user sets the value ‘5’. If there are 30 different manufacturers normally displayed, the extension would only show 5 (those being the results with greatest number of products), and then a link underneath displaying ‘More’. This brings me to the next point.

2. When the customers clicks ‘more’ an Ajax pop up would appear with all of the available options. The customer can then select all the ones they want to display and then click ‘update’. If there is a large number of options, the pop-up could split them up in to different pages, similar to this link (


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